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Learn ~ ENGLISH MARTIAL ARTS ~ under certified instructors ~

New Weekly Classes starting soon (Chelmsford, Essex) :     Days & Times TBA
** Notice: New class starting in Chelmsford March 2015 - More details to follow soon... ***


* Class on-hold for the Summer **

[New: 24/01/15]
New FOUNDATION COURSES starting in March 2015 Look out here for more details soon and to drop us a line if you want to reserve a place.
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* FAQ's updated *

[New: 02/07/14]
The FAQ's have been updated with mure sueful info.

* Training BLOG *

[New: 02/07/13]
Don't forget to check out our latest blog updates on recent training sessions to see what's been going on.
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Sunday class 11:00-12:30

Intro Courses

We run a number of beginners courses covering a grounding in the basics & different aspects of EMA. If you're interested just let us know.

One-day seminars

We are running One-day intro's and targetted seminars will be running early in the new year. Check for updates soon on our Events page.

- Medieval Fighting Principles, Modern Application -

English System Principles

English System Principles (E.S.P) is a school of English Martial Arts based around the science of defence - learning certain universal principles & applying them to training in order to defend yourself and fight effectively.

While its origins are rooted in the teachings and practices of medieval masters, who were running schools of defence for practical defence and fighting to defend their life and country, we make sure that the application, principles and approach are grounded in the modern world, and are relevant and effective today for fighting, self-defence, keeping your health and staying fit, and bringing something to whatever fight you need or art you use.

The real meat of the system is The Principles and the approaches to learning and applying them - we teach the core principles and techniques used to learn them from the start, laid bare and explained as a science, rather than a mystical art. We don't keep secrets, don't hold things back, and if you don't understand or something makes no sense, just ask and we'll show you and take you through it so you can feel it yourself.

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