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*PLEASE READ THIS FIRST - Forum Joining, Rules & Info

:!: Welcome to the English Martial Arts Forum :!:

Forum Sign-Up
Spam Problems - Due to constant problems with spammers using the forum for rogue advertising, and as a means to spam the members, we've had to make the boards Registered users only I'm afraid.
- All this means is that to contribute or read all the info we have available you will need to sign-up and be approved by an admin.
- On the up-side, this never takes too long, so please bear with us to keep the community spam free!

If you're signing up as you're keen on getting involved in English Martial Arts practice or discussion ASAP then feel free to drop us an email at or message an admin and we'll get you in as soon as possible.

Practicing Member? - if you are, or have been, a praciticing member of an EMA club, or have an interest in join up or finding members if your area, then please drop us a line with your details, where you practice, what club(s) you've trained at, how long, etc and we'll update your profile with your Rank and relevant info.
  • This will also give you access to a wealth of info in the Practicing Members Areas where you can find details to link up with other members in your area for practice, arrange group seminars or private lessons, view detailed syllabus breakdowns, find current Prizing information, ask questions of other Ranked members, etc. We're here to help understanding of the art.

Rules for the Forums
  • Keep it polite
  • Try and post in the right topic areas
  • Keep the conversation on-topic where possible
  • If you have any problems with a particular topic, discussion or member, please contact an admin and they'll try and help resolve the problem
  • Keep an open mind - there's always something interesting to learn!

General Info
  • Always feel free to ask if you've got any questions - we're more than happy to help with any aspects of training, techniques, Principles or whatever - EMA or other.
  • Debate - we're always up for a good reasoned debate, about any appropriate topic - whether that be EMA, martial arts, self-defence, etc and whether you're pro-EMA or otherwise
  • Feel free to air thoughts, good or bad, about training, weapons, Prizings, practice or get help with a specific aspect of training from instructors or other members, etc.
  • Enjoy!