Photos taken during the 2010 EMA Weekender at Stockwood Iron Age Village in the Wye Valley, Gloucestershire. Thanks to everyone involved for making it a great one with plenty of hard work and hard play!

ss850920_small.jpg ss850921_small.jpg ss850922_small.jpg ss850923_small.jpg ss850924_small.jpg
ss850925_small.jpg ss850926_small.jpg ss850927_small.jpg ss850928_small.jpg ss850929_small.jpg
ss850930_small.jpg ss850931_small.jpg ss850932_small.jpg ss850933_small.jpg ss850934_small.jpg
ss850935_small.jpg ss850936_small.jpg ss850937_small.jpg ss850938_small.jpg ss850939_small.jpg
ss850940_small.jpg ss850941_small.jpg ss850942_small.jpg ss850943_small.jpg ss850944_small.jpg
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