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~ Regular EMA Classes ~

English System Principles   (Chelmsford, Essex)

* Look out for our new season of INTRODUCTORY COURSES for March 2015 *

Class Day/Time to be confirmed

Drop us a mail here to let us know your preference.

Beginners (Scholar to Free Scholar)  
    + Intermediate/Advanced
            Note - except BANK HOLIDAY weekends

Primary Focus:
Core EMA & Self-Defence training - concentrating on Weapons, Principles, Conditioning, Movement, Grips & close skills



Further Info:
Training here is mainly outdoors, enabling students to get a proper sense of defending themselves and fighting under uncertain conditions and on uneven ground.

As well as developing the core skills of EMA, you will also be: learning to deal with uncertain terrain ; natural movement and grounding in a more fluid environment than the traditional training hall/dojo ; dealing with obstacles ; developing an essential awareness of the environment around you ; and using all those factors to your advantage whenever possible.

Click here to drop us a line for more info about the Sunday class

TUESDAYS - ** POSTPONED until Summer 2015 **

  Beginners+   (Scholar to Free Scholar)
  [Indoor Training]
            Note - except 3rd Tuesday each month = outdoor training (as per Sunday class)

Primary Focus:
  Core EMA, Principles, Techniques & Application - concentrate mainly on Unarmed, Sword/Cudgel, Grips, Close skills, Movement

Email:   Click here to drop us a line if you're interested in the Tuesday evening class.