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Affiliated EMA chapters:

Medieval Martial Arts
Historical English Martial Arts and other hisorical sword work taught in Wiltshire by Marcus Glendinning.
    ~ www.medievalmartialarts.co.uk

The Company of Maisters & Terry Brown

The Company of Maisters of the noble Art of the Science of Defence
The Company of Maisters website. The principles brought back into modern times through Terry's rsearch and teaching can be proven to work and will greatly enhance and supplement any martial art.
    ~ www.maisters.demon.co.uk

Terry Brown
The website of the the man who brought English Martial Arts and the science of The Principles back to the world of martial arts with the book "English Martial Arts"
    ~ www.terrybrownenglishmartialarts.com/

EMA related Clubs, Academies and Organisations:

The Myers School of Fence
The U.S chapter of the Company of Maisters run by Chris Myers.
    ~ www.scienceofdefense.com

English Fighting Arts
English and Korean Martial Arts and self-defence co-run by senior Provost Frank Docherty.
    ~ www.englishfightingarts.com

Cambridgeshire English Martial Arts
A combination of English Martial Arts and Escrima taught in St.Ives by Rob Crane.

Useful Resources & Equipment:

British Combat Association
The Association was formed in 1993 and serves the needs of instructors and their students who study self defence or follow the more practical aspects of Martial Arts.
    ~ www.britishcombat.co.uk

Cold Steel
One of the largest knife and weaponry companies in the UK. Useful suppliers of polypropylene medieval training swords & other weapons.
    ~ www.coldsteel-uk.com
    & a link to their European training swords

1&1 Internet
The world’s biggest and fastest growing web host. High quality and excellent service. Highly recommended for website/domain hosting.
    ~ www.1and1.co.uk

Chain Reaction Cycles.com
Very handy for protective kit and shades that give full protection and won't explode if they get hit! Perfect for the more intense outdoor training and weapon work. The best place online for top quality and cheap bikes, kit, protection and nutrition.
    ~ www.chainreactioncycles.com

Martial Arts Magazines:

UK martial arts magazine
    ~ www.combatmag.co.uk

Martial Arts Illustrated
UK martial arts magazine
    ~ www.martialartsunltd.co.uk

Historical Martial Arts Clubs:

The Exiles
A Company of Medieval Martial Artists (Barking) run by Rob Lovett and co, concentrating primarily on the work of Fiore de Liberi.
    ~ www.the-exiles.org.uk

Schola Gladiatoria
Historical European martial arts (HEMA). Concentrating on Mainland European historical sources.
    ~ www.fioredeiliberi.org

Other Useful:

Online Martial Arts community
Martial Arts Community

    ~ www.intermartialarts.com