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English Martial Arts by Terry Brown

Title: English Martial Arts
Author: Terry Brown
Publisher: Anglo-Saxon Books, December 1997
ISBN: 1-89828-118-1

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The essential starting place for any serious student of English Martial Arts.

A fascinating book, structured in two parts, the first part Brown investigates the history and development of the English fighting system and looks at some of the attitudes, beliefs and social factors that influenced its development. A unique perspective supported with tales of skill and courage bring to life the people who played a part in the development of English martial arts.

The second part of the book, details various English fighting techniques which have been drawn from historical sources and manuscripts. All of the techniques presented in the book are illustrated with photographs and accompanied by instructions. Techniques covered in this book include bare-fist fighting, broadsword, quarterstaff, bill, sword and buckler, sword and dagger. Terry Brown, who has been a martial artist for twenty-eight years, has recently re-formed the Company of Maisters of Defence, a medieval English martial arts organization.

Historical Reference Material:

A Brief History of English Martial Arts
England is not the first home of the English; their ancestral home which was known as Angeln, was situated on the mainland of continental Europe in an area that roughly corresponds to the southern half of present day Denmark. The Engle, as the English were then known...

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George Silver
16th centuary gentleman whose works on principles of the true fight (shown below) have proven time and again to be as essential in modern times as then.

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Historical European Martial Arts
A loose history of European martial arts over the centuries.

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