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~ Training ~

General Syllabus - Basic

Areas of training include:

Syllabus - Scholar to Free Scholar

Main aims:

  1. to learn basics of blocks to defend against armed attacks
  2. learn all the sword/cudgel techniques #1 - #10
  3. learn all the quarterstaff techniques #1 - #10
  4. learn two-man sword form
  5. learn two-man staff forms (simple reversible, plus short two-man)
  6. basics of distance & judgement
  7. basics of principles
  8. focus
  9. intent
  10. effective movement
  11. introduction to barefist: guards & basic attacks (including blocking under pressure and heavier attacks, as well as the basics of how to punch effectively both quick and heavy when needed)
  12. touching on other areas (sword & dagger, barefist extras, etc)
  13. light to medium sparring with cudgel
  14. light to medium sparring with staff
  15. touch on full power/heavy-fast sparring with cudgel
  16. barefist/unarmed: light sparring and self-defence ability under pressure

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