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~ Instructors ~

Darren (Provost)

EMA experience: 1998 - present

EMA Experience:
Sword, Cudgel (Wooden Stick/Club), Quarterstaff, Barefist, Unarmed, Two Weapons (sword & dagger, sword & buckler, paired weapons, short swords, heavy blunt), Bill, Threshalls & The Principles and their application.

Began learning the Science of Defence under the expert tutelage of Maister Terry Brown (author of the book "English Martial Arts") in 1998 and has been training in English Martial Arts ever since. Prized and achieved the rank of Free Scholar in 2001. Prized and achieved the rank of Provost (teaching grade) in 2006, enabling him to officially teach English Martial Arts, in addition to being presented with his Provosts Letter allowing him to open a Chapter of the CoM under the auspices of Ancient Maister Brown.

Has been teaching students new and old over the years, consolidating his knowledge and opened a regular club in 2009, based in Brentwood, Essex, in addition to helping establish and joint-running a club in Borehamwood, Herts with Provost Neil Mitchell until March 2010 when the Company of Maisters split. Has continued to teach EMA since then and has developed his own approach to getting these core skills across.

In more recent times has been seeking exposure to many forms of different martial arts and fighting systems out of both curiosity and for study of the similarities and differences between each cultures martial arts and identification of universal principles (including through body mechanics, centre of balance, movement, evasion, power generation, conditioning, etc)

Current Martial Arts:
* EMA & English System Principles
* Systema

"I've always had a fascination with weapons and related arts, and since practising EMA that fascination has extended fully into learning and using the real Principles behind the martial arts - the body mechanics, the intent behind the techniques, what you're supposed to learn through forms, and particularly the mental and internal aspects of fighting and self-defence - without the right mindset, intent and focus it's hard to really get something working effectively for 'you' - it doesn't feel like it's 'yours' until something clicks in the head."

"Doesn't matter what the art is - if the Principles are sound there's something to learn"

Other martial arts experience:
* Several years Tai Chi Chuan instruction and application under instructor Robert Poyton.
* Kickboxing at the Jim McAllister Academy, Brentwood.
* Ongoing studying of Systema (Russian Martial Art) over the last few years.