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~ Core Principles - part 1 ~

The Principles of the True Fight

The True Times

Hand, Body
Hand, Body, Foot
Hand, Body, Feet

The False Times

Foot, Body
Foot, Body, Hand
Feet, Body, Hand

The Four Grounds


In the case of the four grounds, Judgement means the ability to maintain the optimum distance between yourself and your adversary. The optimum Distance is to be out of striking range of your opponent but close enough to take advantage of any openings that occur. Time is the moment when you may safely attack your opponent without him being able to immediately reciprocate. Place refers to an opening in his defence through which you may deliver your attack. Through Judgement you keep your Distance, through Distance you get your Time, through Time you safely win the Place in which to strike your opponent.

The Four Governors

Pressing in,
Flying out.

In the case of the four governors, Judgement is to know when you can safely attack your opponent, or when he may do the same to you. Measure is to keep your space true, that is to say to maintain an effective guard and to be able to recognise when your opponent's guard leaves you an opening through which to attack him. In other words it means positioning yourself and your weapon in such a way that you are able to strike your opponent while denying him the same opportunity. Pressing In is attacking, which must only be done after you have 'won the place' which is to say that you should only attack after you have created a safe opening in the opponent's defence. Flying Out means to disengage from your attack, or that of your opponent. The term itself (Flying Out) obviously indicates that the disengagement must be carried out speedily. It is a matter of some importance to always regard the third and fourth governors with one mind, not to think of the third without instantaneously according some thought to the fourth.