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~ About ESP & EMA ~

About English Martial Arts

English Martial Arts is the name of the system of martial training we use to bring simple, effective and often brutal methods and theories of fighting back into the modern world. English System Principles are what we endeavour to teach. These are the core principles of the True Fight as described primarily by an ancient master of defence named George Silver in his 'Paradoxes of Defence' and 'Brief Instructions on...'. These principles have been unearthed, researched and thoroughly tested over the course of many years (see the book "English Martial Arts" by Terry Brown) to bring these essential truths, relevant to all modern martial artists and fighters, back into the public domain.

These principles coupled with the universal truths of effective fighting (focus, intent, movement, body mechanics, etc) have proven to be extremely effective in both self-defence and the improvement of awareness, confidence and whatever martial styles they are applied to.

No matter what your art, we have found over the years that exposure to these principles & truths invariably improves your ability/skills in noticeable ways, often increasing confidence and ability to cope with contact situations under pressure.